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Coniglio in Gremolata – Lidia made me do it Bugs!

On Thursday, I had the honor of meeting my culinary idol, Lidia Bastianich at her book signing for "Lidia's: From ...
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Top view of pasta in a white color plate

Esposito Mezzi Rigatoni Bolognese

Fall is the time of year when I like to make meals that sit on the stove top for hours ...
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Roasted Tomato with Whipped Feta Ricotta spread

Grilled Ciabatta with Whipped Feta/Ricotta and Roasted Jersey Tomatoes

Adapted from A trip down memory lane to Italy and Greece with this tasty combination. Start by roasting grape ...
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So many different types of food kept on the table

Grilled Xiphias with Masa and Flour Combo Tortillas (with my own homemade press!)

Let's start with the inspiration...The whole Esposito family loves tacos, mostly gringo style, but we have our preferences...we love the ...
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