Learn More About Chef Chris Esposito

Hi There!

I’m Chris Esposito and I am embarking on a career as a personal chef. A little about me: I graduated from the University of Michigan as a Finance and Accounting major. I began my career at a Big 4 accounting firm focusing on Securitization. I have structured the world’s most complex capital markets transactions, and as the founder of the firm’s Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) practice in 1996, developed a $40 million/year business. Real “Wolf of Wall Street” stuff... those were the days!

The financial crisis in 2008 destroyed that practice and I pursued greener pastures as a Chief Financial Officer. A colleague of mine helped me land an interim role and when that expired I tried to pursue other CFO roles. In one of my interviews with a large hedge fund, the CEO asked me “If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?”. I said, “Easy, I would be Bobby Flay”. I didn’t get that job.

How It All Started

My cooking hobby began in my sophomore year at Michigan. I got some of my mom’s recipes and started cooking for my three roommates to save money. I would call her to get the extra secret behind making a recipe on paper into something I would recognize as hers. Beef stew, French dips, and Esposito Gravy—my roommates were thrilled. My mom tracks over 1500 recipes!

My culinary capabilities have grown substantially since then largely due to my love of the Food Network. I remember Bobby Flay when he was on Grillin’ and Chillin', but my favorite show early on was Emeril Live. I became a huge fan because he combined food with entertainment in a way that no one had ever seen. My wife, Elisa, and I would watch religiously and agree on things we liked. I have a few of his cookbooks and one of his recipes is on my family’s Christmas Eve menu.

My Mission

Flash forward to Esposito Home Cooked Creations.

I marry my love of technology and innovation with my passion for home cooking. My offerings here continue to develop and improve. I am just at the beginning.

The Future

I know I can’t be Bobby Flay but maybe I can be the Bobby Flay of West Orange, New Jersey. Michael Jordan says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Take a look at my offerings and let’s see what happens!